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National customs

      Qiubei County is located in the southwestern border of the motherland, with a long history, beautiful mountains and rivers, rich resources and outstanding people. More than 400,000 Han, Zhuang, Yi, Miao, Yao, Hui, Bai and other ethnic groups have lived and multiplied here for generations.

      It is the famous "Hometown of Pepper" in China, the national vegetable base counties, popular science demonstration counties, Yunnan province commodity grain, cattle, sheep, pig base counties, key forestry development counties, and ecological high-quality tobacco planting base counties.

      There are cliff paintings with a history of more than 2,000 years, like burning totems, like moving clouds and flowing water, which makes people think; there are ancient musical instruments from the end of Spring and Autumn and the beginning of the Warring States period-turf bronze drum; there are undiscovered Yuanliang Wangdui, Ming Dynasty Baiman ( The Bai nationality) cremation tanks; there are also the Confucian Temple, the Golden Pagoda (Wenbi Tower), the Xiangbiling Water Conservancy Project built in the Qing Dynasty, the rich Yunnan opera, the unique Qiubei lantern "Falling the Sheep Tune" and "Little Pole "Wait.

There are national-level scenic spots, national AAAA-level tourist attractions, and Puzhehei National Wetland Park, which are "rare in the world and unique in China".

Here is the Shed Ranch known as "Little Shangri-La", where the wind and grass can see cattle and sheep. "Mysterious Burning Man" will uncover the mystery of the owner of the hanging coffin, the magical cave burial, and the shining soul in the sacred coffin. The film urges readers to dance with this strange people wearing sea shells.

      Here are the Guinness World Records created by "Thousands of People Jumping Xianzi. Ten Thousands of People Wiping Flower Faces". There are provincial intangible cultural heritage Yi Xianzi Dance, Zhuang Fire Grass was made, Yao Lan Ding made.

      The delicious Qiubei specialties and delicacies, the flaming red peppers, the fragrant wine, the rich and colorful spicy chicken...let you have endless aftertastes. The four seasons here are like spring, with no severe cold in winter and scorching heat in summer.

      Culture is the blood of a nation and the spiritual home of the people. Such a splendid ancient civilization and such a rich cultural heritage gave birth to the cultural consciousness and self-confidence of the Qiubei people, and they have always adhered to their spiritual home. Let us together appreciate the beautiful scenery of Puzhehei, the green mountains, the vast lotus sea, and the blossoming flowers, and feel the mysterious, simple, fiery, and colorful folk customs of various ethnic groups at close range, and truly experience the beauty and variety Puzhehei.

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